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What is the Trainers Bullpen?

 Trainers  bullpen

A free expert resource for trainers to talk about safety and risk management training 

Welcome to the Trainer's Bullpen where trainers in Law Enforcement come to hear experts talk about their work, experience, and research into human performance, particularly as it relates to the critical aspects of training motor learning and crisis decision-making. The purpose of the Trainer’s Bullpen is to help bridge the gap between current law enforcement training and the findings of academic research and pedagogical best practices. 




Trainer's Bullpen is an extension of the services offered by Raptor Protection and Safety Services. Here we provide free resources to enhance the skills and services of law enforcement trainers and curriculum designers.




Exclusive insights and interviews with some of the most compelling individuals and published experts in, or service as a part of, law enforcement training.



Our desire at the Trainer's Bullpen is to help advance law enforcement training, make research applied, and improve public and officer safety!

Who is Raptor Protective & Safety Services?  

Industry Leading Law Enforcement & Public Safety Training, Incident Assessments and Use of Force Analysis

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